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About Us

Canadian Icons partners with leading brands and organizations that bring Canada to the world.


Our offices are located 15 minutes from Parliament Hill in the heart of Canada's capital – the perfect place to curate an online exhibit and store that showcases Canadian icons, stories and treasures.


The Canadian Icons collection features objects you won't find anywhere else, and we present each with the same archival photographs and historical information that first inspired us.


Of course, we also believe purchasing an icon should include a commitment to best-in-class order fulfillment and customer service, which is why every order is shipped overnight, for free – and sometimes even faster than that.


No matter which Canadian icon captures your imagination, we hope you will come to think of us as a place where you can always encounter an inspiring collection of Canadian treasures and find out about organizations working to promote, preserve and protect them.


A gift to you, from Canada.


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Canadian Icons


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Canadian Icons


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Canadian Icons

Group of 7

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Canadian Icons


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Canadian Icons


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Canadian Icons

Bush Plane

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Canadian Icons


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Canadian Icons


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Canadian Icons

Railway Hotel

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Canadian Icons


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